Mini Episode - 5 Reasons to "Look Out" - Orlando Wood

Orlando Wood has released his groundbreaking new book, Look Out, this week and it's already been causing a buzz in the advertising and effectiveness industry. In addition to my longer conversation with Orlando last week, I wanted to give you a teaser into some of the lessons from the book with this mini podcast interview.
Here's my mini conversation with Orlando Wood, author of Lemon and Look Out where I ask him about 5 key insights from the new book:
  1. why it’s rude to stare and how the fixed gaze took over art and advertising 
  2. whether you can actually build a brand online 
  3. the serious case for humour 
  4. how emotions capture our attention 
  5. the surprising power of the finer details 

Listen to my longer conversation with Orlando:
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Mini Episode - 5 Reasons to
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