How Direct Line won the Marketing Week Grand Prix 2021 - Mark Evans, Direct Line

A conversation with Direct Line CMO, Mark Evans.
How do you run marketing for one of the best known insurance brands in the UK, Direct Line? That's exactly what I find out from their CMO, Mark Evans, who has been at the company for a decade.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Starting a podcast during lockdown
  • Where Mark gets his energy from
  • The importance of being tuned into your purpose
  • Career lessons from Jimmy Carr
  • Why you should always coach from a position of strength
  • What you can learn from a World Cup winning Rugby squad
  • Lessons from being made redundant 4 times
  • Why you should embrace your failure and learn from it
  • How Mark survived a decade as CMO at Direct Line
  • Why you should fire yourself every 18 months
  • Whether it’s better to work for a Marketing or Finance CEO
  • Why marketing needs to be more than the ‘colouring in department’
  • The importance of knowing your numbers
  • Why Direct Line decided to retire Winston Wolf
  • The success trap - improving your game even when you are winning
  • How Direct Line positioned itself for success
  • Flipping ‘last brand standing’ to becoming the ‘first brand standing’
  • Discovering the importance of insurance the hard way
  • How covid changed the new ‘We’re on it’ campaign
  • Topping the charts on the System1 insurance category
  • Why it’s worth sticking with the same agency
  • Who is tipped to be the next Superhero
  • Record profits in a tough year
  • How Churchill make Insurance feels effortless
  • Churchill’s plans to Chill some more in 2022
  • The power of music to change our the audience feels
  • Marks most popular podcast episode on ‘oh the places we go’
  • The importance of being true to your audience
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How Direct Line won the Marketing Week Grand Prix 2021 - Mark Evans, Direct Line
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