How to be more creative - Kev Chesters

In this episode I speak with Kev Chesters about how to be more creative (and why I think it's one of the most important traits in business).
Kev Chesters is the co-founder of Harbour Collective and co-author of "The Creative Nudge: Simple Steps to Help You Think Differently". Previously Kev has been Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy UK, Head of Planning at W+K and Planning Director at S&S.

What we covered in this episode:
  • How Kev got sued by Dr Dre
  • Bumping into famous people in urinals
  • Why creativity in business really matters
  • The power of advertising to sell jeans
  • Why creative is not the same as making ads
  • The creative power of business constraints
  • How dancing horses can sell mobile tariffs
  • The feel good power of internet memes
  • Why creativity is the underdog’s most competitive advantage
  • How short deadlines actual reduce creativity
  • Why nothing good ever came out of a workshop
  • The importance of never giving up
  • Jon’s most creative achievement with no budget
  • What would you do if your budget was your Dad’s money
  • The power of discontent to drive creativity
  • How being scared signals real creativity
  • The tyranny of average that holds us back from being brave
  • Why creative is the only key to progress
  • How to create the conditions for creativity to thrive
  • Why anybody can be creative in the broadest sense
  • The twin conspiracy of biology and societal conditioning
  • The power of positive dissent and why consensus should be killed
  • Why ‘the meeting’ is never the actual meeting
  • What you can learn from the Devil’s advocate
  • The importance of failure to our success
  • Getting used to the feeling of fear
  • Creative nudges that will help you become more creative
  • How algorithms are great for efficiency but terrible for exploration
  • The importance of being unreasonable
  • What we can all learn from Lady GaGa
How to be more creative - Kev Chesters
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