How to build a digital brand – Abba Newbery, CMO Habito

A conversation with Habito CMO, Abba Newbery.
Abba is the CMO at the FinTech start up Habito, the fastest growing online mortgage broker in the UK. Prior to Habito, Abba worked as director of strategy at News UK, pioneering the moves towards digital content and as a planner at agencies UM and Carat.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Begging Dan the founder for a new job
  • How Habito are disrupting the Mortgage market
  • The power of anger and frustration to fuel business
  • Convincing Uncommon to be a founding client
  • Taking inspiration from Skateboard art and Santa Cruz
  • How to make mortgages ‘gnarly’
  • Switching off advertising due to too much demand
  • How to measure the impact of your campaign
  • Why Habito went straight to TV as a channel
  • How mortgages can ruin your sex life
  • Producing the mortgage Karma Sutra
  • Writing an erotic novel about mortgages
  • Why Habito sponsored the gnarly world of Skateboarding UK
  • What it takes to train for an Ironman
  • Business lessons from Ironman
  • The generosity of the UK Fintech scene
  • Abba’s top advice for getting into Tech
  • How to create ‘strategic serendipity’

  • Where to go for a 7 x salary mortgage

How to build a digital brand – Abba Newbery, CMO Habito
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