The secret to winning the best Super Bowl Ad - Lesya Lysyj, CMO Boston Beer

I speak with Lesya Lysyj, CMO of Boston Beer (winner of the best Super Bowl Ad of 2022) about what it takes to create the a Super Bowl winning ad.
Jon chats with CMO of Boston Beer, Lesya Lysyj, who has nearly 30 years of marketing experience in the food and beverage industry. Prior to joining Boston Beer, she served as President U.S. (Sales and Marketing) for Welch’s Foods.

Watch the ad here:

What we covered in this episode
  • Counting down the Top 10 Super Bowl ads of 2022
  • The power of humour and nostalgia for Lays
  • Why babies are the stars of many Super Bowl ads
  • The reason car ads are so predictable
  • Robo puppy and why Kia made the best car ad
  • The winning Super ad of 2022 and no it wasn’t a set up
  • Inventing ‘Your cousin from Boston’ and why it works
  • The power of sticking to the same creative idea
  • Why we get bored of our own ads before our customer does
  • The case for releasing a Super Bowl ad early
  • Creating 2 billion PR impressions from the campaign
  • The power of Your Cousin From Boston lock up
  • Taking a big swing with the company dollars
  • Why a CMO can’t enjoy the Super Bowl when they are advertising
  • The actual robot dogs that protect Boston Dynamics
  • How Boston Beer approach testing advertising
  • Why the idea you like is not always the best idea
  • Founder Jim and his famous post it notes
  • How to get payback from a Super Bowl ad
  • Lesya’s top 3 tips for making a winning Super Bowl ad
  • Why the CFO is such a fan of System1
  • How do you top a winning Super Bowl ad

The secret to winning the best Super Bowl Ad - Lesya Lysyj, CMO Boston Beer
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