Cannes Uncensored with Tom Goodwin

What do we really think of Cannes? Is it just an ego Ponzi scheme? And where's the customer?! All important and poignant questioned I discussed with Cannes veteran Tom Goodwin.
I've always had a bit of a love, hate relationship with Cannes. It's wonderful that we celebrate creativity with this event, but seeing how the festival rewards a certain type of creativity, particularly short term activation and purpose recently, I'm starting to wonder how effective Cannes Lions winners are in the real world.

So who better to talk to about this than Tom Goodwin, who isn't short of uncensored opinions, to find out what he really thinks of Cannes. Is it just a jolly for the industry? or is it something more?

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  • Whether Web3 is the next big thing
  • How dis-interested we are in real people’s lives
  • The cost of luxury opinions
  • Having a seat at the Davos table
  • Why normal people do all the wrong things
  • How purpose has replaced creativity
  • Making good advertising that sells
  • How big tech stole the creative football
  • Comparing Cannes to previous years
  • How the Cannes experience can vary
  • The status symbol of Cannes passes
  • The future of travel to Cannes
  • Tom’s view on Gary Vee’s talk
  • Inventing the perfect Cannes
  • The case for seducing and entertaining

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Cannes Uncensored with Tom Goodwin
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