How to really understand your audience - Yusuf Chuku, NBCUniversal

Yusuf has worked across most flavors of planning and strategy making him one of the few genuine hybrid strategists. His experience spans a number of the world’s leading corporations including Microsoft, BMW, Samsung, Kimberley-Clark, Kraft and Verizon. He is currently EVP, Client Strategy at NBCUniversal. 
  1. Early ambition to become a city trader
  2. Falling into media planning
  3. Wearing trainers to work
  4. Selling the internet in 1995
  5. Crossing the creative and media divide
  6. Why all things are not equal
  7. The birth of planning
  8. Why so many Englishmen end up in New York
  9. Why 90’s sitcoms are still so popular
  10. The power of stories to attract a global audience
  11. The special relationship between audience and programming
  12. The 3 aspects of Fandom
  13. 98% of commercial airtime is as engaging as the content
  14. Pricing media based on emotion
  15. Reflecting people identity on screen
  16. Satisfying cultural curiosity
  17. The representation hierarchy
  18. The diversity divided when people feel seen
  19. The power of empathy to connect with audiences
  20. How empathy and sympathy are different things

How to really understand your audience - Yusuf Chuku, NBCUniversal
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