Improving your mental game - Dolvett Quince

I have something of a bonus episode for you on the Uncensored CMO. Why do I say bonus? Well I have departed from my usual Marketing & Advertising topics to meet someone who has become a very successful Fitness trainer helping Hollywood celebrities get in shape, coaching contestants on The Biggest Loser and writing a NYT best-selling book.
Dolvett Quince is a real inspiration to his millions of followers but it’s not his Fitness that captured my attention, although you cant argue with the chiselled good looks and winning smile, but his mindset that really impresses. Having overcome a very troubled childhood Dolvett has not let any excuse stop him from pursuing what he loves and being successful. In this episode he shares the mindset that shaped him and the habits that helped him become successful. Consider this a workout for your mind.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Dolvett shares his troubled family background and how it was both a gift and a curse
  • The impact of being told he would never amount to anything
  • How facing adversity shaped his outlook on life.
  • The power of forgiveness and how it sets you free.
  • Dolvett’s plan to become the next 007
  • Why giving away everything he knows to other trainers led to his success
  • Why Jeff Bezos no longer packs his own boxes
  • How do you scale yourself when you hit maximum capacity
  • Why he added cheats into his diet – leaning to clean and earning the cheat
  • Overcoming your perception of yourself and why it’s all in your mind
  • How he could predict who would succeed on The Biggest Loser
  • The impact of the Pandemic on his Fitness business and how ‘stopping helps you see’
  • The power of persistence and joining the 1% club of podcasts
  • What Dolvett is doing next
  • Can you stay humble and also be successful?
  • The power of Self Love to help you succeed
  • What Dolvett would tell to his 21 year old self
  • The 3 kinds of people in the WWW, those that Wait, Wish & Will
  • Changing lives ‘one rep at a time’ and other great quotes
  • The reason for Dolvett’s next book ‘work out the doubt’
  • The importance of learning from failure and getting back up and going again
  • Why the most successful people are those that teach others
Improving your mental game - Dolvett Quince
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