The Long and the Short of It - Peter Field

In this episode I speak with the "Godfather of Effectiveness", Peter Field. Peter is the co-author of The Long and the Short of It (with Les Binet), which tackles the tensions between short-term and long-term advertising. We speak to why brands are still tackling this and how you can change your marketing to be more effective (both long- and short-term).
Peter Field has spent 15 years as a strategic planner in advertising and has been a marketing consultant for the last 20 years. His pioneering work on the link between creativity and effectiveness – such as Media in Focus with Les Binet - has earned Peter a global reputation as one of the Godfathers of Effectiveness.

What we covered in this episode:
  • How he become ‘Godfather of effectiveness’
  • Getting fired from two agencies 
  • The evidence based approach to marketing
  • Creating the IPA database 
  • Origin of The Long and Short of It 
  • The curse of short term thinking 
  • Why brands take time to build 
  • The power of emotion to create connections 
  • The window in which you measure effectiveness is vital 
  • Long term is broad reach emotional creative 
  • Why the 60/40 ratio works 
  • Why brand building matters even more for DTC
  • The conflation of physical and mental availability on line 
  • The myth of digital replacing brand 
  • Convincing the CFO of the role of brand building 
  • Why investors really get it 
  • Why the ESOV model matters and what it tells us 
  • The impact of brand size on ESOV
  • The challenge facing new entrants and why challenger brand thinking matters 
  • How economies of scale benefit market leaders 
  • The amplification power of creativity 
  • The tidal wave of disposable creativity 
  • How award judges are celebrating short term activation 
  • Even effectiveness awards lack long term results 
  • The dangers of going dark in a recession 
  • Why we should be more P&G than Coke
  • Why it’s time to celebrate consistency 
  • The power of strong fluent devices
  • What happens when brands stop advertising
  • The one thing we should be talking about which we aren’t 
  • The breakdown in the correlation between media spend and share of voice 
  • Why we should be measuring share of attention rather than share of voice  
  • It’s time to start paying for attention

Peter Field

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Peter Field
Peter Field
The Godfather of Effectiveness
The Long and the Short of It - Peter Field
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