TikTok sensation Rob Mayhew on turning his passion into a business

For a very special edition of the podcast (episode 100!) I'm joined by a very special guest, Rob Mayhew, TikTok sensation and Creative Director at Gravity Road. Rob's witty commentary on the industry comes in the form of his hugely entertaining short-form videos, which often go viral on TikTok and on LinkedIn. Having found himself between jobs during COVID, Rob dug into his comedy roots and started posting up to 8 videos a day on TikTok which have grown in popularity exponentially over the past few years. He now finds himself striking some impressive brand partnerships who all want a slice of his comedy gold.

This episode covers the serious to the absurd. From Rob's story of how he got into the industry, to pitching a new British Airways ad to a special guest. I couldn't think of anyone better to have as guest 100.

Watch some of Rob's TikTok's if you enjoy laughing.


00:00:00 - Start
00:03:41 - Rob’s backstory
00:07:32 - Rob’s comedy background
00:09:39 - How Rob got into TikTok
00:13:11 - Coming up with content ideas
00:16:50 - Rob’s most popular TikTok
00:19:25 - Landing a partnership with Pret
00:21:12 - The ultimate sponsor
00:23:34 - Jon’s pitch horror story
00:30:06 - Finding Rob new sponsors
00:31:17 - Pitching Nils Leonard Rob’s idea
00:37:07 - Sponsor brainstorm
00:38:51 - Cannes
00:40:39 - Making a career switch at 40
00:43:09 - Making a living from making online content
00:46:47 - Why Rob called his new agency Dunning Kruger
00:49:09 - Struggles of working for yourself
00:50:03 - Who are Rob’s heroes
00:53:47 - Dealing with inbound volume
00:54:39 - Rob’s new book
00:56:38 - Agency radio show
00:57:34 - Jon’s favourite guests
00:59:42 - What guest would Jon like on the pod?
01:02:22 - Rob getting fired
01:06:58 - The difference a good boss can make
01:09:21 - Something Rob has never told anyone else before
01:13:50 - How to be good on TikTok
01:14:47 - How to make B2B sexy again

Creators and Guests

Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Rob Mayhew
Rob Mayhew
TikTok Sensation & Creative Director
TikTok sensation Rob Mayhew on turning his passion into a business
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