The myths of marketing live with Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin is back for our first ever live event in London. As uncensored as ever, we cover all things digital transformation to the biggest myths in marketing, this time with some thought provoking questions from a live studio audience.

00:00 - Start
01:06 - Tom’s background
03:21 - Why Tom kept getting fired
05:08 - What technology will change our lives?
08:34 - We don’t care about consumers
10:21 - What opportunites are there?
12:45 - Things that aren’t changing
16:52 - Jingles
18:02 - Are brands dead?
20:32 - Questions
20:53 - The online advertising emperor has no clothes
25:38 - Why are brands not calling out social media companies?
28:28 - Biggest barrier to deliver on digital transformation
31:45 - Should marketers be more respected?
37:04 - How important is trust?
42:17 - Why did Tom keep getting fired?
44:49 - Is there ageism in marketing?
49:22 - Does not having kids make Tom more uncensored?

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The myths of marketing live with Tom Goodwin
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