Reloaded: How to be a successful challenger - Adam Morgan (2020)

Today I'm revisiting episode 3, with Adam Morgan, founder of eatbigfish and author of Eating The Big Fish, The Pirate Inside and A Beautiful Constraint to find out what it takes to become a successful challenger. Adam shares his tips for creating a challenger brand, transforming your culture and the power of constraints to driving innovation.

In this episode:
  • Why being No.2 is better
  • How he turned the anger of his project being shelved into a career-defining opportunity
  • Being turned down by Phil Knight and where the idea of a Challenger brand came from
  • The importance of over-commitment and being obsessed with execution
  • How Tony’s Chocolonely have become a truly challenger brand
  • How to be a pirate in the navy without getting fired
  • What you can learn from a catwalk show and how constraints can turn into your greatest advantage
  • The curse of data and how it leads us to a decline in creativity
  • The furtile zero and what to do with no budget
  • Adam shares his worst career moment
  • Why the meeting is never really the meeting and why the Japanese fall asleep in meetings
  • The one thing Adam has never told anyone before
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Reloaded: How to be a successful challenger - Adam Morgan (2020)
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