The secrets to Super Bowl success with Michelob ULTRA's Ricardo Marques

Today we’re diving deep into the high-stakes world of Super Bowl advertising with a very special guest—Ricardo Marques, the VP of Marketing for Michelob ULTRA. Ricardo, a veteran with 19 years at AB Inbev and the marketing maestro behind Michelob ULTRA's growth. He is here to share his playbook on how to score big during the most anticipated advertising event on American television.

In this episode we get an exclusive look at how Michelob ULTRA prepares for the Super Bowl. Ricardo breaks down the importance of the Super Bowl as a platform, not just for audience reach but for creating conversations and excitement around the brand.

But is Super Bowl advertising really worth the investment? Ricardo weighs in on the multifaceted approach to this question, assessing the creative, the conversion, and the long game of brand relevance. Key performance indicators, the intricate balance of novelty versus authenticity, and the seismic impact of this year's Super Bowl on Michelob ULTRA's growth trajectory are all on the table.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:55 - Why the Super Bowl is such a landmark event for advertisers
  • 03:07 - Ricardo’s background
  • 03:56 - The best advertisers in Super Bowl history
  • 05:05 - Michelob’s Super Bowl history
  • 06:03 - Launch before game day, or on the day?
  • 07:23 - Michelob’s Ad for 2024
  • 10:04 - Is a Super Bowl ad worth $7m?
  • 11:09 - KPIs for a successful Super Bowl Ad
  • 11:48 - How involved are distributors in the process
  • 12:50 - The 2024 Michelob ULTRA Super Bowl Ad with Leo Messi
  • 16:14 - The briefing process for a Super Bowl ad
  • 17:25 - Brand positioning for a more premium beer
  • 18:39 - The core ingredients for a successful ad
  • 21:02 - The impact of celebrities in ads
  • 22:46 - Advice for people making their first big budget campaign
  • 27:26 - Selling in the campaign internally
  • 28:52 - Tying campaigns into global events
  • 31:25 - Using AI in activations
  • 33:57 - McEnroe vs McEnroe
  • 36:35 - Lap Against the Legends
  • 38:14 - Blind man commentating on NBA game
  • 41:45 - How has the brand performed from the campaigns
  • 42:38 - The secret to sustained success as a marketer
  • 47:29 - Who is Ricardo supporting for the Super Bowl?

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Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Ricardo Marques
Ricardo Marques
VP Marketing Michelob ULTRA
The secrets to Super Bowl success with Michelob ULTRA's Ricardo Marques
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