Mark Ritson - The s**t, the pipe, and what to do with it

Living up to his billing as the most uncensored guest ever, marketing professor Mark Ritson joins Jon on the podcast. From why most CMOs are shit, why spending in a recession is required, to revealing why Jon got fired after a 6-month walk of shame. Warning - this episode contains explicit content and would not recommend listening with kids around!
Here's what we covered in this episode:
  • Find out what inspired Mark to switch the actual classroom for the virtual one
  • How he ended up being the old, rich guy with a wine collection he used to laugh at
  • What he thinks of the 50% of Marketers that have no professional training
  • Why it's now time we all just all ditch the ‘D’ word and get back to Marketing
  • Find out what every normal person knows about Advertising that Marketers pay good money to figure out
  • Discover the most important factors in marketing effectiveness and why its time to think about the s**t we put through the pipe
  • Why a recession is exactly the time you want to be increasing your spend
  • Why you should never confuse a change in consumer context for a change in consumer behaviour
  • “Tell me what hasn’t changed and I will build a business around that” & other great quotes to counter the constant stream of ‘everything's changed. Buy this book’ hype
  • Discover why Mark believes the smartest people are not the ones sat around the boardroom table
  • Find out why most CMO’s are more C than M and are not always the best marketers in their team
  • The secret to CMO success is 80-90% politics over marketing
  • The dangers of Canadian morning TV after a big night out
  • We round off the episode finding out why Jon got fired after a 6-month ‘walk of shame’
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Mark Ritson - The s**t, the pipe, and what to do with it
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