Can marketing save the planet? - Leo Rayman, Eden Lab

I speak with Leo Rayman, formerly CEO at Grey UK, on what brands can do to take a more sustainable approach to business and how he's tackling it with his new consultancy, Eden Lab.
Leo is the founder of Eden Lab, a new kind of consultancy and venture studio, they don't just advise on how to win in the Net Zero future, they build it with you. He's the former CEO and Chief Strategy Officer of ad agency Grey London, founder of Grey Consulting, speaker, writer and start-up mentor.

He believes businesses can help shape the planet for the better. To do that he says we need to invent - and reinvent - companies for a post-carbon world. He scouts, designs and assembles new business models, products and services that actively create a better future for all of us.

What we covered in this episode:
  • The state of the industry
  • Why CMO spend so little time on comms
  • How to ask better questions
  • Solving every problem with a poster
  • Post Covid hybrid leaving do’s
  • The biggest challenges the world faces
  • Good intentions vs real action
  • The one mission to end all missions
  • What is stopping marketers making a difference
  • Climate change ignorance
  • Not all growth is green growth
  • Bridging the gap between sustainability and the consumer
  • Why fear and ignorance is holding us back
  • The £12trillion cost of saving the planet
  • How do we create the change we need to see
  • Why it’s time to commercialise sustainability
  • Moving from shame to seduction
  • The gap between consumer experience and sustainability
  • Why Backmarket models a customer centric approach
  • The importance of the green business model
  • The tension between costs of living crisis and doing the right thing
  • The power of an impossible brief
  • Why brands will be punished in the future for lack of green credentials
  • The future value of your customer book
  • What is your clean share of market
  • Putting creativity into the heart of the problem
  • Commercialising ESG to create change
  • Buying trainers for life
  • What every brand needs to do now

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Can marketing save the planet? - Leo Rayman, Eden Lab
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