Lessons from Aldi's IPA Gold winning Kevin the Carrot - McCann

As Christmas ad season is in full swing, I speak to the planning and strategy team from McCann Manchester, the agency that created Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot.

What we cover in this episode:
  • Why Darren and Jamie bring a life size Kevin’s to meetings
  • The benefit of doing strategy as a pair
  • Convincing a sceptical customer to shop at Aldi for Christmas
  • Taking inspiration from John Lewis the reigning king of Christmas
  • How the humble carrot being the big idea
  • Selling the idea into Aldi
  • Why they didn’t want to recreate a brand new campaign every year
  • The challenge to beat Kevin every year
  • Inspiration from light entertainment and why’s its harder than it looks
  • Sticking to what works whilst always finding ways to keep it fresh
  • How to balance Christmas, a cost-of-living crisis & Christmas
  • The importance of entertainment even in tough times
  • Jamie & Darren rate this years crop of Christmas ads
  • Beating the benchmark Coke Truck Index
  • How Kevin successfully leverages the Long and Short of it
  • Using System1 testing to screen for early stage ideas
  • Why the simplicity of the System1 metrics are so important
  • The case for testing a 4 min long animatic
  • How media is like renting a stage upon which to put on a show
  • The astonishing business results delivered by the Kevin campaign
  • Proving that being cheaper doesn’t mean you can’t be better
  • The power of combining fame and consistency
  • Wear in vs wear out on the System1 Test Your Ad database
  • Why we are over familiar with our own work vs the audience
  • How little attention advertising actually gets
  • The power of jokes you know the punchline to
  • Being lovably pirates rather than the navy
  • The powerful purpose being Aldi’s mission to make good food affordable

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Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Lessons from Aldi's IPA Gold winning Kevin the Carrot - McCann
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