Mark Ritson's uncensored review of the best ads of 2022

What were the best ads of 2022? I sit down with everyone's favourite uncensored marketing professor, Mark Ritson, to discuss.
Mark Ritson is back on the Uncensored CMO podcast, and he's more uncensored than ever. This episode brings his ever candid thoughts on the best ads of 2022, who f*cked up and who he's been most impressed by. Strap in for Ritson's Review of 2022.

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What we covered in this conversation:
  • Biggest marketing cock up of 2022
  • The 2022 new entry on Mark’s Marketing Bulls**t Top 10
  • The biggest surprise of 2022
  • Which brand impressed him the most in 2022
  • Who taught him the most in 2022
  • The short term pay off of long term brand building
  • The challenge of stagflation in 2023
  • Why pricing is a big opportunity for Marketers
  • The importance of framing and communicating price
  • Have we passed the peak Christmas Ad yet?
  • The strategy behind Aldi’s successful Christmas Ad
  • The power of Fluent devices to connect short & long
  • The under leveraged power of music to drive effectiveness
  • How Coke Holidays are coming owned Christmas
  • How doing less leads to more
  • The one time a client changed agency and kept the creative the same
  • Jon & Mark review the best ads of 2022 on the System1 database
  • How Cadbury hit 5 Star in only 10sec with hardly any production
  • The power of consistency for Cadbury
  • How the emotional response varies by category
  • How Kelloggs owned the breakfast category
  • What Mark learnt about branding whilst writing articles for the BA magazine
  • How Go turkey made the Top 5 but remained forgettable
  • How to value the impact of the music
  • Mark and Jon create the perfect advert
  • How agencies could guarantee a pitch win with System1
  • When Jon lost out on a Hollywood Director
  • Why marketing is so often seen as a cost not an opportunity
  • Jon reveals the No.1 Ad of 2022 (excluding Christmas Ads)
  • Jon reveals the Top 5 Advertisers of 2022
  • How Magnum reflected older people so well in their Advertising
  • Marks most famous MW column on Cannes and how it compares to System1 data
  • Jon reveals the No.1 Advertiser of 2022
  • Why simple beats clever every time
  • Brands are tiny and un-important in consumers lives

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Mark Ritson's uncensored review of the best ads of 2022
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