AdContrarian on why online advertising is a scam - Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman, the Ad Contrarian, speaks to the Uncensored CMO.
  • Why the AdContrarian decided to end his weekly newsletter

  • The irony of Bob getting an award for best speaker at an AdTech conference

  • A surprising honour from Byron Sharp

  • The freedom that comes from being an independent

  • Bob’s most contrarian ever statement

  • The shocking amount of personal data gather about every person

  • How the marketing industry is complicit in on-line tracking and division in society

  • The issue of tracking and how we managed just fine beforehand

  • Why advertising works better when it isn’t personal

  • The primary role of advertising to create fame for the brand

  • System1 data to show the value of Fame building

  • Why most people don’t care about your banner ad

  • How targeting devalued creativity

  • Why AI will just lead us to more average creative work

  • The insanity of M&M’s withdrawing their characters in a moral stance

  • Why the industry isn’t taking the failures of adtech seriously

  • Explaining ‘programmatic poo’ and why it matters

  • The 40,000 websites your ad appears on

  • The 9 billions ads that suddenly disappeared

  • The important distinction between ad impressions and views

  • Why only 9% of people actual see a banner ad

  • What happens when we start media buying based on attention

  • The things your Gran could have told you about advertising

  • Why your audience aren’t ‘buying into the conversation’

  • Is my toilet paper pro Brexit?

  • The scale of ad fraud and why it isn’t news

  • Ad fraud is bigger than Coke or Nike

  • The scale of ad fraud funding criminal activity

  • Why low CPM’s drive the wrong behaviour in the digital world

  • How 3rd party data only predicted gender 46% of the time

  • Whether its time for legislation to fix the issues

  • The 3 things every marketer can do to help

  • What works in marketing doesn’t work in advertising

  • Introducing the Marketing Bottom and what most marketers don’t know

  • Why people buy what makes them feel good

  • How Fame, Feeling & Fluency predicts success

  • The one topic we should be talking about

  • The case for being silly and having more fun

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Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
AdContrarian on why online advertising is a scam - Bob Hoffman
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