Why every marketer should be more pirate - Sam Conniff

In this episode I'm joined by Sam Conniff, the author of Be More Pirate, creator of Uncertainty Experts and stand-up comedian. I speak to Sam about what marketers can learn from the pirates (which is a genuinely interesting look back in time), how we can deal with uncertain times and find out what his best joke is in his new hobby, stand-up comedy.

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What we covered:
  •  Why hot pink is the colour of a punk rebellion
  •  Creating a challenger brand pirate operation inside a large soft drink company
  •  The fear and loneliness of the challenger
  •  Why piracy inspired a book about being an entrepreneur
  •  How today is like the golden age of privacy
  •  The forward thinking nature of Piracy that are relevant today
  •  How piracy is a creative rebellion
  •  Pioneering fair pay, equal relationships, insurance scheme, democratic process
  •  How the pirate flag became the worlds first super brand
  •  How ‘surrender or die’ was a very effective strap line
  •  Protecting the pirate brand guidelines
  •  The power of shared values in victory
  •  What do you do with no money
  •  Why values based results never materialised
  •  How fear drives decision making
  •  Navigating yourself off the map
  •  The pirates that work in the Navy
  •  How the pirate code ensured strong accountability
  •  The role of advertising in a post consumer society
  •  The fantasy of the ‘business plan’ compared to lived values
  •  What are you willing to fight for?
  •  The best modern day pirates
  •  How pirates end up becoming the navy
  •  Turning land-fill firehoses into luxury items
  •  The 5 Pirate Principles also known as the 5 ‘Rrrrr’s’
  •  The upheaval that led to becoming an expert on Uncertainty
  •  What you can learn from gang members in prison
  •  How the pandemic was predictable
  •  The truth in most situations is ‘I don’t know’
  •  There is discovery in doubt
  •  The profound impact of increasing your uncertainty tolerance
  •  Sam shares a surprising new talent

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Why every marketer should be more pirate - Sam Conniff
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