How not to plan - Les Binet & Sarah Carter

Les Binet and Sarah Carter are planning royalty. Starting out at the iconic BMP, the agency which evolved over time to become adam&eve today, they are the planners behind many famous campaigns. Not least John Lewis which lasted an impressive 14 years. A few years ago their popular myth busting column turned into the well known book ‘How Not to Plan’ taking conventional wisdom and turning it on its head. I catch up with the dynamic duo to pick their considerable brains on the topics they think marketers least understand.

Talking points from this episode:
  • The real godfather of effectiveness
  • How John Lewis changed Christmas
  • Les & Sarah pick a favourite ad
  • Why vignette ads are a cop out
  • What the John Lewis econometrics reveals about the campaign
  • Why you should make people feel something not show them feeling
  • Jon discovers the Long & the Short of it
  • The best way to really upset Les
  • That famous key visual
  • Can you ever achieve both long & short at the same time
  • Why consumers don’t give a s**t
  • How myth busting inspired the book
  • Being turned down by Marketing Week
  • Why there are more P’s than Promotion
  • How to involve planners early
  • The BMP Philosophy of planning
  • How not to get caught Short
  • Why 60% of campaign results are long term
  • How not to be consistent
  • Knowing what to change and when to change it
  • What advertisers can learn from designers
  • A little plug for Orlando’s fluent device work
  • It’s only advertising and no-one died
  • The case for animals and music
  • How not to make sense
  • How not to change your pricing
  • Why EPOS data switched spend from communication to price promotion
  • Digital attribution is the new price promotion
  • The more detailed the measurement the worse the marketing has got
  • Jon shares his only Effie case study
  • How not to be different
  • Why how you say something matters more than what you say
  • Les takes down the idea of loyalty
  • The one topic which wasn’t covered in the book
  • Finding things to get angry about

Creators and Guests

Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Les Binet
Les Binet
Group Head of Effectiveness at adam&eveDDB
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter
Global Planning Partner at adam&eveDDB
How not to plan - Les Binet & Sarah Carter
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