Better Brand Health - Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass

Professor Jenni Romaniuk is the International Director of the world-famous Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and author of Building Distinctive Brand Assets and How Brands Grow Part 2 - revised

Jenni is a leading expert in brand equity, mental availability, brand health metrics, advertising effectiveness, distinctive assets, word of mouth and the role of loyalty and growth. Through her work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute she has advised many of the world’s biggest brands.

Jenni is an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker that has presented her research at leading industry conferences globally. 
Her latest book Better Brand Health: Measures and Metrics in a How Brands Grow World, is for anyone who wants to get better at brand measurement and improve their brand health tracking.

What we covered in this episode:
  • The soft porn scam version of Jenni’s new book
  • The one question Jenni hasn’t been asked
  • Publicity over persuasion
  • How even academics don’t always have the right beliefs
  • Can you have too many distinctive assets?
  • How marketers over estimate the number of assets they have
  • Why Ehrenberg Bass use an owl as their distinctive asset
  • How do you measure a distinctive asset
  • Does the time frame of measurement make a difference
  • The difference between new and super light buyers for Lucozade
  • Brand tracking on a small budget
  • Why differentiation is the most surprising discovery by EBI
  • What inspired the book  
  • Starting with the laws that shape how brands grow
  • The important of asking the right questions
  • Calibrating your tracker for your brand size
  • Which definition of brand awareness to use
  • The importance of non-buyers to your trackers
  • Designing for the category not your own objectives
  • Why brand awareness is a lot less stable than you think
  • The probabilistic nature of memory and why recall changes
  • The power of Donald Trumps hair
  • Types of brand attributes and the role they play
  • How many category entry points does a brand need
  • Mental market share and how to measure it
  • Distribution points of the mind
  • The importance of share of mind
  • Jenni writes a song to brand love
  • How to measure your marketing  
  • Some advice for Word of Mouth
  • The role of physical availability on brand health
  • The importance of physical availability to convert customers
  • Shopping distinctive assets

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Jenni Romaniuk
Jenni Romaniuk
Author of Better Brand Health
Better Brand Health - Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass
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