How Google put humanity into technology - Nishma Robb, Google UK

Nishma is responsible for leading brand and reputation marketing for Google in the UK. She has led many of Google’s acclaimed projects and campaigns including Digital Garage, This is My YouTube, the Google Executive Summit, Brandcast, ThinkwithGoogle and Be Internet Legends.

Nishma is a Board Director at the School of Marketing and is proud to be a Fellow of the Marketing Society. Her accolades include Ad Age’s Woman to Watch, Europe (2018), Campaign A List (2017, 2018 and 2019), Drum Digerati and was recognised in the Hospital Group’s h100 list as one of the most influential and innovative people in the UK’s creative industry.

When she’s not looking after her twins or at work, you’ll find her in sparkly shoes dancing in the sun or under the stars!

Talking points
00:00 Intro
00:32 The inspiration behind MadWomen
04:18 How Teletext was the Google before Google
07:54 The responsibility of managing the Google brand
12:20 How Google makes you look clever
13:30 What search reveals about humanity
16:08 "It’s Ok to Ask" campaign with Uncommon
17:59 Why Marcus Rashford helping out with the campaign
20:37 It’s not what we ask it’s what we do with the answers
20:47 The role of humanity in Google's work
24:05 Why we shouldn't just sell cheese
26:01 How the Google Pixel phone makes technology accessible to new audiences
30:17 CODA, How Google helped people understand the life of someone with two deaf parents
34:02 How diverse advertising unites the audience
36:40 Telling one person's story well
39:40 Diversity and representation in media
42:28 How technology democratises the ability for creators to get funded
46:54 Creating the worlds first augmented reality brand
48:00 Top tips for YouTube creators
50:20 How creators and collaborators can grow your brand
51:05 The role of AI to democratise tech
53:13 Advice for advertisers using YouTube
58:01 The surprising effectiveness of brand building style advertising in digital
01:00:35 Nishma’s biggest ever failure
01:02:36 Outro

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Jon Evans
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How Google put humanity into technology - Nishma Robb, Google UK
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