A marketers guide to a squiggly career - Helen Tupper, Amazing If

Work is fundamentally important to the quality of our lives and we are surrounded by more change and choice than ever before. Our careers have become far less predictable and increasingly 'squiggly'. In this episode I have a chat with Helen Tupper, co-founder of Amazing If and co-author of "The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career".

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What we covered in this episode:
  1. How Helen and Sarah started their business on napkin
  2. Why the career ladder is not necessarily the path to success
  3. 5 years of experimentation to develop the Squiggly business
  4. How Helen and Sarah went from starting The Squiggly Careers Podcast to 330 episodes
  5. How to create a growth flywheel for your brand or business - making content more useful
  6. Why creating something of huge value for free is the key to B2B growth - remaining relevant
  7. Trusting in reciprocity - why helping people authentically is so important for growth
  8. Why you shouldn't worry about your weaknesses
  9. The Squiggly Careers Book - The 5 Key Skills you need
  10. The importance of deliberately choosing what you want to be known for
  11. Your 2 week energy audit - How to discover your core skills and values
  12. Jon and Helen's 12 month career high and why it mattered
  13. Building high trust teams and emotional safety
  14. Less budget =  happy teams
  15. Confidence Gremlins and limiting beliefs
  16. Teaching yourself to draw on the positive
  17. Learning how to fail.... and that this means for success
  18. The pressure pedestal - we are not all Simon Sinek!
  19. Jon's advice on presentation skills
  20. Networking Events - how to reframe the fear
  21. Fired? Redundant? How to get back into employment....fast!
  22. Why you should only share what you really care about
  23. How curious career conversations will set you up well in you next job
  24. Creating a constant flow of future job opportunities
  25. How to use your mobile phone contacts to find the perfect role
  26. Redefining the definition of progression
  27. Helen shares whom Squiggly Careers is for and whom it can help
  28. Helen's advice on crafting your best career story
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Jon Evans
Jon Evans
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Helen Tupper
Co-founder & CEO of Amazing If
A marketers guide to a squiggly career - Helen Tupper, Amazing If
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