Rory Sutherland, the Master of Madfest, on why behavioural science should get awards

Live from Cannes, third time returning guest Rory Sutherland gives us his views on just how good this year’s Festival of Creativity is, what should be awarded, AI vs AI, what we should be looking for as marketeers in current trends and the value that behavioural science brings to creativity.

He also talks about what he is looking forward to on the road to another great festival – Madfest, and why he is doing his Mad Masters course.

What we covered in this episode:
  • Why Rory thinks this Cannes Lions Festival is the most wonderful ever.
  • The backbone that Rory thinks System1 and WARC bring
  • The Campaign for a new Behavioural Science Award
  • Festival of creativity or advertising?
  • The brilliance of ABInbev brewers for bread campaign
  • Rory on re-writing the advertising rules
  • Jon’s 5 most creative moments
  • What excites Rory about behavioural science
  • Rory’s definition of creativity
  • The story at the heart of Crocs growth
  • Should there be a Cannes Lion for zero budget campaigns?
  • Fashions in psychology
  • The problem with chat GPT is……
  • Outlier vs average impact on creativity
  • The value Artificial Inquisitiveness and Interestingly wrong
  • People’s value in business vs automation
  • System1’s learnings on AI creativity and innovation
  • Why brand partnerships should be awarded.
  • Encouraging people to think more widely about what they should be testing.
  • Does Rory think the world needs Apple Vision?
  • Should Google have persisted with Google Glass?
  • Why all Europeans report to distain automatic cars.
  • Rory’s ideas for the tech world innovation
  • When are people happy being happy cut off from fellow men?
  • The most important economic thing about Zoom meetings.
  • How Rory is plotting to get more cash for creative people
  • Why Rory keeps coming back on The Uncensored CMO
  • The value of “crap creativity” – why the obvious solution could sometimes be better
  • Rory’s Road to Madfest  - what he is looking forward to and why he is doing Mad Masters

Creators and Guests

Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Rory Sutherland
Rory Sutherland
Vice Chairman, Ogilvy GroupThe Spectator's Wiki Man.
Rory Sutherland, the Master of Madfest, on why behavioural science should get awards
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