MAD//Fest - From contemporary dance to craft beer revolution? - Tom Rainsford, Beavertown Brewery

Tom Rainsford has been named as one of the Top 50 creative minds in the country.  After a surprising start to his career (that still stands him in great creative stead even now), Tom has grown a challenger brand into a household name and now leads the Marketing at one of the coolest brands on the planet – Beavertown Brewery.

What does Tom see as the magic ingredients for successful brand growth, why does he believe culture and fact-based emotion are they key and how is he going to top his show stopping MadFest opener from last year

  1. Dancing your way to a top job in marketing
  2. Should you do a marketing degree?
  3. The first kickstarter brand? David to Goliath on Giff Gaff: 10 years building a genuinely different business model - how to outsmart the big boys
  4. Are great brands emotional or rational?
  5. The problems with tech marketing are…..
  6. Watch your internal language doesn’t end up in your communications
  7. Why Tom believes in In-housing: how to nurture creativity within a company
  8. Why creativity is not valued in business.
  9. The important questions businesses need to ask themselves about why their creative is wrong
  10. The importance of Culture: Does pizza on a Wednesday help?
  11. Was COVID a blessing for marketeers?
  12. Art and advertising reflecting culture: A discussion about Orlando Wood’s Look Out
  13. Why pubs can be the answer the growth.
  14. Beavertown Neck Oil: Jon and Tom drink at 11am!
  15. Has craft beer jumped the shark?
  16. Is consistency important in marketing after all?
  17. Why Logan (Robert Plants son) founded Beavertown and what’s it like working in Founder led businesses.
  18. Why Beavertown innovation works (according to System1)
  19. Why Tom wants you to steal his pint glasses.
  20. What makes Beavertown stand out?
  21. The importance of a stonking product
  22. Shifting to Heineken ownership - have things changed?
  23. Ensuring innovation succeeds within a titan mothership
  24. Madfest: How Tom is planning to top his mobile phone/trust gig
  25. How culture delivers brand trust and helps brands ride the storm
  26. Can you learn to do what Derren Brown diss in a month?
  27. Why being a CMO can be a lonely affair.
  28. The importance of making more noise in bad times
  29. Do people do good work when they are knackered?
  30. Marketing artists vs marketing scientists
  31. The biggest failure in Tom’s career (and what he learnt)
  32. The reward of messing up
  33. Why the more senior you get the less you know.
  34. “To do” lists vs “to think” lists
  35. What everyone’s next big business question needs to be……

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Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
MAD//Fest - From contemporary dance to craft beer revolution? - Tom Rainsford, Beavertown Brewery
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