What the marketing industry is truly terrified of - Tom Goodwin

The return of Uncensored CMO podcast legend Tom Goodwin. In this final flourishing episode recorded from Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, in what has become our annual chinwag, we riff on everything from how advertising thinking can build big businesses to why marketeers invest in celebrities, despite the data not backing the value equation. What would our ideal Cannes festival look like? What would we do differently next year…. and where? And why we want to bring back the Tango Campaign!

If you want more Tom, we'll be holding a LIVE Uncensored CMO at The Curzon Soho (not Scunthorpe) with the man himself, on 6th September 2023, discussing the 10 Biggest Myths in the Marketing Industry. Grab your tickets here -> https://system1group.com/uncensored-cmo-live


00:00 - Intro
00:46 - What’s Tom been up to in the past year?
04:30 - The state of Cannes
06:10 - AI has it’s place
07:22 - The power of re-using good creative
15:26 - How AI can solve customer exeperience
17:43 - Catergories that should be in Cannes
19:43 - The Zero Budget Category
21:11 - Cannes in Margate in February
22:23 - Most fascinating relevations from the pod
24:35 - The marketing bottom
28:54 - The best work in Cannes
31:10 - Working with budget constraints
33:03 - When to invest in innovation
34:16 - What Orlando Wood tells us about how art history can inform great communication strategy
36:09 - Why are great adverts only made for the SuperBowl and Christmas…. And then not run for long enough?
37:48 - Should you use characters or celebrities in your advertising?
40:06 - Most impressive thing in Cannes
45:06 - The Giant Cheeto at Cannes
48:22 - Why we’ve stopped having fun in advertising
54:00 - What will we be talking about at Cannes next year?


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What the marketing industry is truly terrified of - Tom Goodwin
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