Orlando Wood on Advertising

Long time returning guest Orlando Wood is back in the hot seat, talking all things advertising. We look back on his two IPA bestselling books, Lemon and Look Out, to discuss how the two sides of the brain attend to the world differently and how this impacts advertising both on TV and digital. We also discuss some of Orlando's favourite recent adverts and why he likes them.


00:00 - Intro
01:32 - Who is Orlando Wood
02:50 - Orlando’s latest work
03:54 - Is Orlando only talking about digital?
05:18 - How to build brands through digital
07:55 - How can advertisers achieve an effective message
10:26 - "moto e azione"
13:35 - Why Ian McGilchrist’s work was so profound for Orlando
14:25 - Right-brain vs left-brain in advertising
21:00 - Trends with left and right brained advertising
22:24 - Is the change in advertising due to social media?
24:13 - The impact of creativity on attention
26:29 - How the choice of media can impact ESOV
27:22 - Is humour making a comeback?
31:32 - Fluent devices
35:13 - Orlando’s favourite ads
39:31 - Jon’s favourite recent ad
43:31 - Orlando’s new course

Creators and Guests

Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Orlando Wood
Orlando Wood
Chief Innovation Officer at System1, Author of Lemon and Look Out
Orlando Wood on Advertising
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