How Lucky Saint created the non-alcoholic beer category - Luke Boase, Founder

How do you create a brand in a sub-category where only a handful of major brands operate a product line, from scratch, having never worked in the industry before? Well, Luke Boase did exactly that when he founded Lucky Saint, the worlds first alcohol free only brand. From finding a brewing partner to create an enjoyable alcohol free beer, raising money from investors to almost losing the business during COVID, this episode has it all.


00:00 - Intro
01:23 - Life before Lucky Saint for Luke
06:02 - Coming up with the Lucky Saint idea
08:28 - Creating a new category
09:59 - Why do non-alcoholic only?
11:36 - Convincing breweries to get on board
13:56 - Finding the perfect brewing partner
17:07 - The ones who rejected Lucky Saint
18:33 - The advantages of being a category newcomer
20:27 - When did Luke go all in on Lucky Saint
20:55 - Raising money
24:35 - Starting over with the brand
29:18 - Creating a non alcoholic beer that actually tastes good
31:08 - Being a single beer brand
33:15 - Some of Lucky Saint’s investors
35:29 - Ad execs on the investor team
37:07 - Working with Rankin
40:06 - Naming the brand Lucky Saint
41:35 - How Covid almost wiped them out
47:25 - Creating their own pub “The Lucky Saint”
50:06 - Alcoholic vs non-alcoholic beverages
51:46 - Convincing people to try alcohol free beer
57:21 - The secrets to Lucky Saint’s success

Creators and Guests

Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
Luke Boase
Luke Boase
Founder of Lucky Saint
How Lucky Saint created the non-alcoholic beer category - Luke Boase, Founder
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