5 ways to make effective advertising - Jon Evans

Producer James set me the challenge to record a bonus episode while I'm on holiday, so I thought I'd reveal the secret to increasing your market share with 5-star advertising.
Now it's the summer holidays, and that means everybody's taking a well earned break from all their hard work. And that includes the Uncensored CMO, but producer James never wants to let me off an episode, And he said, why before you go away, why don't you just do a quick episode. So, I thought, why not do a little bonus episode?

It got me thinking, what subject do I know a little bit about that might be useful to my listeners? And, this is where I have to put my System1 hat back on, because what we do better than anybody else is advise people on how to make advertising that works. We like to frame that as how to make a five star ad. So in this special edition episode, I talk about why emotion and advertising matters and how I can prove it. And some of the tips that we give all our customers on how to make advertising that actually works.

What I covered in this episode:
  • The crazy amount of money spent on adverts
  • Why 50% are still a waste of money
  • The data for why your creative matters
  • Why Creative is your most important tool
  • Why emotional beats rational advertising
  • Why System1 was created
  • Orlando Wood and his masterpieces
  • Why we make decisions
  • ESOV and how creativity is an amplifier
  • The reason to pre test your advertising
  • Right brain vs Left brain advertising
  • The decline in creative effectiveness
  • The importance of Fluent devices
  • The 5 things that make a 5 Star ad
  • Why you should take no notice of awards
  • A shameless plug for System1

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Jon Evans
Jon Evans
Host of Uncensored CMO & System1 CMO.
5 ways to make effective advertising - Jon Evans
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